imageThe Garden House Store supported employment program

We believe everyone has something positive to contribute to their local community. That’s why ASC has established The Garden House Store (GHS), a non-profit organization providing pre-vocational training and volunteer employment opportunities for persons with mental disabilities. The meaningful work done at GHS is critical to the recovery process for persons with mental disabilities, as it helps them become contributing members of society.


The Garden House Store is an adjunctive therapy to the ASC continuum of services. All ASC clients will have the opportunity to work and learn in this innovative environment. The goal of the GHS supported employment program is to teach new skills in therapeutic environments, enabling our clients to attain personal goals and take greater control over their lives.


GHS supported employment program principles:


  • Every client is welcome to participate; eligibility is based on choice
  • Supported employment is integrated with evidence-based treatment
  • Support is continuous
  • Consumer preferences are integral; work choices are individualized based on the client’s strengths and experiences


Measuring success – The ASC service algorithm


The benefits of the GHS supported employment program on clients’ recovery is measured based on the following:

  • Time-tested treatment interventions
  • Modern, evidence-based therapies and personal care methods
  • Assessment and reassessment of improvements in mental illness symptoms,
    functional abilities, behavioral controls and quality of life
  • Adjustments in approach for continued advancements